• Consultation
  • Design Development
  • Design Specification
  • Implementation

Our project managment will work through 4 stages.

Stage 1: Consultation

Here we outline designs and thoughts, and we are on hand to be your guide offering data and encouragement to enable you to advance the project.

Stage 2: Design Development

At this stage a full spec will be taken,  A visual plan will be arranged and displayed for you to review. This will incorporate idea sheets, portraits and pictures to outline your individual plan prerequisites

Stage 3: Design Specification

Following your approval of the outline plot a timetable of expenses and particulars will be set up to enable you to prioritise your expenditure how you see fit. At this stage your outline plan will be formally closed down as endorsed and the planned execution will start.

Stage 4: Implementation

Our project manager will liaise with existing experts, manage important merchants and co-ordinate providers and sub-contracted workers on location. Every single aspect from design to fitting will be carried out by our experts until you are completely happy.